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    • Will my bill look different if I choose Direct Energy?

      Yes. In Texas, each Retail Electric Provider (REP) is responsible for the billing for all its customers. So any time you switch to a different REP for your Texas electricity service, your bill could look different. It might retain...

    • How would I be billed?

      Your local utility will continue to send you a bill. That bill will include the local utility's charges as well as Direct Energy charges. Your local utility will remit payment to Direct Energy for your gas supply charges.

    • What happens to my budget plan when I switch to Direct Energy?

      Any plan or payment arrangement you had with your previous electricity company will not carry over to Direct Energy. If you are looking for a leveled or average billing plan specifically, please visit our FAQs for more information....

    • What is a kilowatt-hour or kWh?

      A kilowatt-hour is the unit of measurement for electricity usage. A kilowatt-hour is abbreviated on your bill as "kWh." The amount of electricity you used at your specific service address for a specific billing cycle is measured...

    • How do I change the name on my Direct Energy account?

      In most areas, you will need to contact your local utility company to change the name and contact information for your account. This is because Direct Energy does not send your bill to you each month.

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